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We are committed to providing comfort, compassion, and care to those we serve. We hope to enhance the quality of life for you or your loved one with exceptional in-home care.

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Since 1927, KVNA has delivered quality skilled home health, home care, and community services to individuals and families living and working in our community. This team is dedicated to being a provider of choice and delivering compassionate and respectful care to our patients. Based in South Eastern Wisconsin and and serving all of Kenosha and Racine counties. Our team volunteers and participates regularly in community events to help support the community as a whole. KVNA is Medicare certified and licensed by the Wisconsin State Department of Health.

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Our History

1918-1919 — Humble Beginnings

The Great Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919 hit Kenosha particularly hard, with 6000 reported cases in the city during the month of October.  Assistance was provided in controlling related health problems by Public Health Nurses.

By 1927, the former head of the Kenosha City Health Department was named head of the State Board of Health. He requested that the superintendent of nurses at the Kenosha Health Department began a Kenosha Visiting Nurse Service. The Kenosha Evening News reported on April 20, 1927 that one nurse, Miss Sigrid Jorgensen, was given free transportation on city street cars for making her house calls to the bedside of any patient in the city.

Caring for babies delivered at home during the Great Depression, teaching family members how to care for a sick patient and giving instructions on the prevention of illness was all part of a day in the life of a visiting nurse in the 1930’s. The service cost a dollar an hour for the first hour and fifty cents if the nurse stayed longer.

The Visiting Nurse Service gradually grew until doctors and home folk alike were finding it impossible to be without it by the early 1940’s. Patients began to look forward to the weekly visit of the visiting nurse, not only for providing care but companionship. The role of the nurse included lifting the spirits of the patient as well as caring for their physical needs.

A letter written by a patient in 1976 could easily have been written in 2016…

“They helped me when I needed it so badly and could not get it from anyone else. They helped me care for my husband and keep him home as long as possible. They were at our home every morning, bathed him, changed the bed, helped him walk if possible, anything they would have done for their own.

I have seen them on duty on Sundays and holidays, taking care of diabetic patients, I have seen them in freezing weather come to the house braving the wind and icy walks.  I have seen them during the worse storm of the winter… yes they came.

They do not rush their calls, being very sure before they leave the home that everything is done that they could help you with. They keep a thorough and accurate chart of all their patients checked and rechecked many times.

Their sympathy is so real, so true, what a great comfort they bring and what great love they have for everyone. Kenosha is truly fortunate to have the Visiting Nurses. Just give them a call if you are in need, you will see for yourself. God bless them all.”

The agency has remained true to its mission and has been able to survive the uncertainty of an ever changing health care environment and stand strong as the only local visiting nurse association in our community.  KVNA’s longevity is its strength which has inspired confidence in those entrusted to our care.

The team concept is embraced throughout organization.  From the highest level, we all work for the good of the patient, the family and the community.

Changes in reimbursement and staunch competition has reduced the viability of many of the ancillary programs and services provided the by agency.  The commitment and dedication to quality home health care continues to be the focus of KVNA, its clinicians and leadership.

Delivering excellence in everything we do!

Home Health

Home Health

Home health focuses on recovery and rehabilitation. Home health care refers to a wide range of medical and non-medical services provided at a patient's home to help them recover from an illness, surgery, or manage chronic conditions.

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600 52nd Street, #300
Kenosha, WI 53140-3424
600 52nd Street, #300
Kenosha, WI 53140-3424

What Guides Us

Our core values of customer second, accountability, passion for learning, love one another, intelligent risk taking, celebration, and ownership guide us in our decision-making and inspire us to be better people, in and out of work.

Customer Second

In order for our clients to receive the care they deserve, we put our employees first.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Passion For Learning

Ongoing training and innovation are a part of our DNA.

Love One Another

We strive to treat each other as people whose interest matter as much as our own.

Intelligent Risk Taking

We trust your judgment. Be innovative. Be entrepreneurial.


We love to celebrate successes and make work fun.


We reward and support our employees who treat this company as if they owned it.

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