The concept of customer service is not new.  To have enjoyed interacting with your server at your favorite restaurant or the sales person who took time to help you find the item you wanted are experiences we can all relate to.

It may be a new concept to think of health care providers as being focused on the satisfaction of those they serve; WE ARE!  Think about it, when customers like the thing they get, they tell their friends and they come back.  And when they have choices, they choose those business or providers who make them happy.  Why shouldn’t people be happy about the home health care they receive?

KVNA participates in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) HHCAHPS program.  There are a lot of acronyms when Medicare is involved; HHCAPHS means Home Health Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Services.  Similar programs also exist for hospitals and nursing homes.  HHCAHPS is a standardized survey used to ask home health patients about their experiences.  Based on research, the survey can be administered in writing or by phone and it is always done by a third party.  All patients who participate in the survey are asked the same questions no matter where in the US they receive services.  They have the opportunity to offer comments and can remain anonymous if they wish.

Since an important part of our care goals with all patients is their safety at home, their medications and managing their pain, it helps us to receive this measurable feedback.  Communication is extremely important when scheduling home care visits, providing teaching and training about activity, disease management and medication.  Coordinating between the patient, caregivers and the care team is essential to us.

In our 95 year history of delivering home health care services in Kenosha, Racine and the surrounding communities, how our patients respond is most important.  Our mission of providing quality, compassionate health care services to improve the lives of our community members and ensure the best possible health outcomes for those we serve is bolstered by being able to accurately measure and continuously improve our performance against ourselves and in comparison to others in the field.  We are able to see we are adding lasting value and remaining up to date.

We don’t mind boasting a little bit about the 5-Star results enjoyed this quarter by our team; FIVE being the highest possible national rating!  Stars were chosen specifically for the symbols related to results on the patient experience of care measures.  Star ratings are commonly used for internet ratings on all kinds of services… why not health care!  Medicare intends the HHCAPHS survey data to help people be more involved in understanding factors about home health care and in choosing their home care providers based on useful data.

Our 5-Star results were published in January 2022 and reflect a reporting period of July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021.  Our 49% survey response rate is a high return, the higher the response rate, the higher the likelihood the survey results are valid!

Key highlights:
*95% of our patients think our staff delivered care in a professional way (Wisconsin 87%, National 88%)
*94% of our patients would recommend our agency to others (Wisconsin 78%, National 78%)

We are good at what we do and it shows.  We will share more about our services and successes and the clinical team who create these great experiences and results.  Call us First! for your home care needs (262) 656-8400.

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