Kvna Patient Appreciation 1

Patient Appreciation

A letter written by a patient in 1976 could easily have been written in 2016…

“They helped me when I needed it so badly and could not get it from anyone else. They helped me care for my husband and keep him home as long as possible. They were at our home every morning, bathed him, changed the bed, helped him walk if possible, anything they would have done for their own.

I have seen them on duty on Sundays and holidays, taking care of diabetic patients, I have seen them in freezing weather come to the house braving the wind and icy walks.  I have seen them during the worse storm of the winter… yes they came.

They do not rush their calls, being very sure before they leave the home that everything is done that they could help you with. They keep a thorough and accurate chart of all their patients checked and rechecked many times.

Their sympathy is so real, so true, what a great comfort they bring and what great love they have for everyone. Kenosha is truly fortunate to have the Visiting Nurses. Just give them a call if you are in need, you will see for yourself. God bless them all.”

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